You Welfare our mission Smart Cosmetics was born from the need for healthier alternatives in the market and honestly organic products for health and beauty. Our mission is to provide 100% organic products that benefit our health and our planet. We are committed to quality to provide the best services to our customers. All of our products can be used for sensitive skins, as they will help to keep it healthy besides having healing properties. In Smart Cosmetics we are a team of people united by the same passion. Smart Cosmetics's mission is to implement this passion for natural cosmetics that unites us all. Our team and products contribute to benefit the health and beauty of our beloved customers. At the same time we work restlessly and we are curious seekers of the best herbs and natural ingredients to make our products just perfect. We are always eager to know, learn and to discover the unimaginable. Through the years of searching, we met amazing people with great knowledge and imagination in the field of formulation of organic cosmetics and they joined our team. These findings have led us to join synergies and we decided to launch our brands. Our natural cosmetics ensure high quality products: - No parabens - No silicones - No ingredients of animal origin - No Ethyl Alcohol - No synthetic flavoring or coloring - No Mercury - No Hydroquinone Organic Cosmetics • Our organic cosmetics are pure and they contain at least 95% of the ingredients that are from natural origin and come from organic agriculture. • They are not tested on animals. • No Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMO), Nanotechnology or irradiation allowed. • We use eco-responsible packaging with environment